Document automation software

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Easy. Fast. Efficient.

Stop wasting hours on manual copy-paste, search-and-replace, and other repetitive document management processes. In a matter of minutes, you can have your team up and running with a full-featured document automation software

Improves ROI

Dramatically reduce the time staff spends manually creating documents.


It grows as you grow. Whether you’re creating 10 or 100 documents every day.

Reduces Risk

Minimize the risk that comes with error-laden document creation tasks.


Protect against legal issues stemming from inaccurate content or easy-to-miss keying errors.

Maximize Efficiency

Slashes the time it takes to draft new documents and distribute to staff, so you can focus on your business.

Enhance Compliance

Create templates that adhere to internal business rules, and centrally control all versions.

Improve Quality

Generate perfectly formatted documents by applying rules, version control, and internal brand guidelines to all templates.

How It Works

Document automation software isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Turning frequently used documents into dynamic HotDocs templates is simple:


Take any document, form or set of documents used in your organization.


Use the authoring tool, HotDocs Author, to convert into a dynamic template.


For each new document, users can enter data using the intelligent HotDocs interview process.


HotDocs document assembly creates a finished, perfectly formatted document in seconds.

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