We're big enough to help you, small enough to get to know you. Our consulting team consists of experienced lawyers, paralegals, project managers, business analysts and software engineers. Our goal is to make your project successful, whether it involves template development, Sharepoint, or any other element of your IT environment. Docugility's team of consultants provide an array of services and can play as big or as small a role in your project as your needs require. We strive to build long-lasting, personal partnerships with our clients so that we can understand your goals and objectives and assist you in the best way possible. We pride ourselves in our honesty, integrity and responsiveness to our client's needs.

Streamlining your document production

project management

For large projects involving multiple work-groups and developers, our experienced project management consultants will ensure that your project gets completed on time, on budget and that all expectations are met. We will put together a Project Plan that covers the scope of the project, specifies key dates and milestones, and identifies the roles that specific parties will play. This project manager will assure that deadlines are met and tasks are completed to ensure a successful project implementation.


Our consultants can conduct a totally customized, hands-on seminar to train your personnel in any or all aspects of template development. This training is typically done in your office and is geared toward your particular business or law practice using your own documents. Your developers will be introduced to proven methods for developing stable, efficient and error-free template libraries.

In addition, we provide your organization with a list of recommendations on how to implement a successful document assembly program. These recommendations include, but are not limited to:
  • Tips for successful project planning
  • The establishment of variable naming conventions
  • Written guidelines for document mark-up
  • Various programming techniques and strategy philosophies
  • Suggestions for component file management and system documentation
  • Helpful hints for maintaining the system


Docugility can implement a successful automation strategy at your company and we can do it faster and for less expense than you can do it internally. By outsourcing your document automation to Docugility, you guarantee a fast return on the investment and you can concentrate on running your business instead of adding to your workload. Best of all, you will not have to worry about spending money training staff, paying for overtime, or losing your trained employees in the middle of critical projects.

Docugility consultants and developers will convert your documents into intelligent templates. Our goal is to communicate the capabilities of HotDocs or XpressDox to you, identify your automation goals, develop a system around your goals, properly train your end users to maximize your system's potential and develop an ongoing relationship to support the systems we develop.

The development of the HotDocs or XpressDocs system can be broken down into the following phases:

  • System Design and Project Planning
During this phase, Docugility consultants review your documents and meet with you to develop an overall design strategy. We mark-up the documents to get them ready for automation and schedule timelines for each phase. This is a critical part of the system development because we want to make sure that we develop systems that can grow with you over time.
  • Document Conversion

Docugility programmers convert your documents into intelligent templates using your logic. Template development is done off-site and all templates are thoroughly tested by Docugility consultants before release.

  • Implementation

Docugility consultants work with you to install the templates on your network or local workstations. If necessary, we work with you to integrate it with any document management systems, time and billing software or database programs that you require.

  • End User Training

This phase ensures that the end users have the proper knowledge to generate accurate and complete documents. Due to the user friendliness of HotDocs and XpressDox, the end-user training usually only lasts about one hour. Manuals and on-line help systems can be included in this phase upon request.

  • Maintenance

Docugility will maintain the system for you on an as needed basis. We can make revisions to the documents or add documents to the template set as your needs change. Upon request, Docugility can negotiate a retainer and maintenance contract suitable to your business. Alternatively, we can train your in-house developers to maintain your templates internally.

SERVeR/cloud implementations

Docugility can configure, implement, and maintain a Server solution that fits your needs. Whether it is a totally new web-based document solution, a document assembly within Sharepoint, or a conversion of existing desktop templates to a centralized server, we can do it all. We can bring in data straight from any of your core applications or databases, helping you to avoid re-keying. We'll also architect and recommend the right server infrastructure tailored to what you want to accomplish - just ask!

  • Integrate to core applications and/or databases
  • Launch interviews through your browser
  • Internal or external document assembly