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Our mission is to incorporate our clients' unique business rules into document assembly systems that we develop to drive down the costs associated with document-intensive processes. Our systems eliminate errors and omissions and migrate document generation from high level, expensive personnel to cost-effective resources.

about us

Docugility, LLC is a well established boutique consulting firm offering a full suite of document automation consulting services. Since 1997, our service offerings have included the development of complex document drafting systems; integrating with databases; and helping clients leverage their database and web application development. Our highly focused organization helps companies generate high-quality custom documents more efficiently in order to improve document accuracy and productivity, minimize risk, reduce costs and improve client service.

our philosophy

Value, respect, and serve our clients, operating with honesty and integrity so as to earn and deserve their trust.

Serve our clients by providing the highest quality consulting services to address their important business issues.

Build long lasting relationships with our clients that are more than "transactions" - relationships that demonstrate our care for the individual and the company - characteristic of open and honest communication, responsive to needs and providing objectivity in our advice.

320 Town Center Avenue, Suite C-11 #164, Suwanee, GA  30024, United States

Contact:  Bethany Keaveny, President

Phone:    (404) 218-9560