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We identify technology, training, and your unique business processes to take your team to the next level. 

Once we have executive approval, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.



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Our professional staff includes lawyers, paralegals, business analysts and system engineers.  With several of our consultants having 16+ years of HotDocs coding, project implementation, and HotDocs training experience, we understand the industry and how to properly meet your needs and help you achieve your individual goals.

Docugility monitors Key Performance Indicators at 2 or 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies and resources as needed.


  • Project Management
  • Template Development
  • System Maintenance
  • Developer Training
  • HotDocs Server Implementations


seasoned pros





“HotDocs is an absolutely crucial tool in my practice. I depend upon HotDocs to produce our routine documents quickly, in perfect form, and with uniformity throughout the firm.  And Docugility is a crucial partner for my firm when it comes to deploying HotDocs.  I have been using HotDocs for about twelve years.  I always loved the product and always found it worthwhile.  But I don’t think that I really was able to appreciate its full power and versatility until I brought Docugility in.  When we tried to program the product in house we only realized a fraction of the things we could do with it.  When we worked with other consultants, we were frustrated by lag time and communication issues…and price!  But once Docugility came into the picture – it was like getting a HotDocs upgrade times ten.  If you looked up the word “Responsive” in the dictionary, you would find that it was a synonym for “Docugility”.  Docugility works interactively with us.  They ASK what our goals and needs are.  They don’t just respond to our requests robotically, they are trying to get us the very best HotDocs user experience.  And they are fast.  Honestly, I have so enjoyed working with these people. “

Docugility uses personal interviews, observation of your business practices and surveys to conduct a comprehensive service audit.